Consider Creating An Editorial Calendar

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You decide to blog and build your website presence but then time slips away as you get busy with other things. Sound familiar? Try making an Editorial Calendar to help keep yourself on track. An Editorial Calendar can help with undertaking a schedule to blog consistently. Whether you decide you want to publish new content [...]

Does Google Think Your Website Is Mobile Friendly

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Is your website ready for the April 21, 2015 Google mobile-friendly criteria? Beginning then, Google is basically saying that Google searches will rank websites higher that are look good and present well on mobile devices.  (Official Google post on this topic.) Do you know if your site is mobile friendly or not? Here is a [...]

What Makes A Website Mobile-Friendly

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There was a time when if you had a website, pretty much any website, you could pat yourself on the back and say you were ready for people to find you on the Internet. That is no longer the case. It’s not enough to have any old website anymore. Consumer mobile search trends for people [...]