Facebook Personal Pages Are Not To Be Used For Businesses

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Don’t make the mistake of using your Facebook personal profile page for your business or non-profit. Personal profile pages are only for individuals, not businesses or non-profit organizations. Facebook has been known to remove personal profile page when they have been inappropriately used for a business or non-profit. When Facebook does this, they do it [...]

Facebook Business Page Link On Profile

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Once you have a Facebook Business Page you need to link it up to your Facebook personal page. (Even if you have a job working for a large employer and do not have your own Business Fan page you will want to read how to do this, so your personal profile links your employer as [...]

Different E-mail Services for Different Businesses

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Not all third-party e-mail services want all businesses as their clients. The type of business you have is a deciding factor as to which e-mail service is most appropriate for you. For example, while we love MailChimp as an e-mail delivery service, if your e-mail news information includes information with “affiliate links”, or your business [...]