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‘Responsive’ Mobile-Friendly WordPress Websites

Your business needs a website that is modern and will look good on any device, whether it is viewed on a computer, smartphone or tablet. According to a recent survey cell phone and tablet usage to access the Internet has more than doubled since 2010, as more and more people are accessing the web and email using mobile devices. Cell phones and tablets come in a variety of sizes meaning that the days of designing web sites based on static screen sizes has become a thing of the past. For websites to be effective they need to be designed so they will look good on all screen sizes and all devices using ‘responsive mobile design’. Any website that we design and construct will have a responsive design.

Maybe you already have a website, but have decided it’s time to update it. It may be possible some of your old content such as blog posts, pages, etc and can be converted for an updated website.

Websites That Can Grow With Your Business

Your business will be best served with a website that can grow with your business as you continue to grow. Being able to add, or change content is important. Also your business needs good SEO (search engine optimization) to be found on search engines.

WordPress is an excellent choice for your website needs. Tens of thousands of new websites are being created monthly using WordPress. A WordPress website can be made to best serve most any requirements, from a small, one person business, to larger companies that have need for more advanced website features. We work with WordPress and stable, premium themes.

WordPress Websites

We start with a reputable theme that will best serve the needs of your business website goals. Then we implement customization, as needed, to make your website have the look and functions you need.

Starting with a premium theme platform saves you development costs. It is certainly possible to develop your website completely from scratch, code line, by code line, but this is likely not necessary, unless you are a giant firm with very customized needs. Custom work adds additional costs to a website budget. Beginning with a premium theme offers the ability to add some minor customization as needed. Also it saves over-all development costs for you.

Website Upgrades and Maintenance

As the saying goes, “the web is never done”. Once a website is finished and introduced to the world, in time it will be important to have some sort of maintenance. WordPress tries to keep ahead of security issues that may continually arise by developing maintenance upgrades. We live in a world today where hackers often hack just for the sake of hacking, not because they want to disrupt a particular website. This makes all websites vulnerable to attack and it is important to keep a website as secure as possible.  When new updates are introduced, your website should be upgraded so it has the latest version of software. Along with WordPress, any themes, skins, plugins and other tools that are in place will need to be updated also. We can provide monthly maintenance services for WordPress websites.

Review Of Your Existing Website

You already have a website, and are not happy with it for some reason, but are not sure what you need. We can review your existing website and give you a idea of what your website needs to make it work for you in today’s Internet world. We give you an honest assessment with info you can use whether you decide to have us handle the actual work, or if you decide you want to handle it yourself, or have another designer handle it for you.

Email Marketing

One of the best ways a business can reach their audience is through e-mail marketing. We can help you with any aspect of your e-mail marketing needs.

We use reputable 3rd party e-mail providers for the actual mailing and adhere to all anti-Spam practices.  We can set up templates, handle the content, messaging and execution of your campaigns, review and track the results.

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