Consider Creating An Editorial Calendar

You decide to blog and build your website presence but then time slips away as you get busy with other things. Sound familiar? Try making an Editorial Calendar to help keep yourself on track.

An Editorial Calendar can help with undertaking a schedule to blog consistently. Whether you decide you want to publish new content on your website daily, weekly, monthly, or on some other schedule, people find they are better able to accomplish their goals by writing posts in advance.

Planning a posting schedule enables you to be able to review the flow of content, plan time for the writing and editing, and see if there are gaps in content you would like to fill.

An Editorial Calendar allows for greater control over upcoming posts. There are also other benefits.

  • You Can Get Ahead Of The Game.
    If at some point you find there is a bit of extra time, you can begin research in advance and be ready for a later time, when you know you will be too busy to focus on new content. For example, maybe in the summer you have some added time when it is not as busy. Doing the research and writing during those slow times can help a lot, if maybe it gets busier during the winter holidays. You can easily pull something that was written months before out and publish it, without getting stressed out.
    • Plan Topics.
      Using an editorial calendar encourages a person to come up with topics before you end up in a panic because it has been awhile since you posted new website content. If you know what topics you plan to publish then you can schedule time to do any needed research and get the writing accomplished.
      • Organize Content.
        An Editorial Calendar provides a big picture view of content strategy. It becomes easier to plan weekly or monthly content themes or align posts with holidays and business milestones, or sales.
        • Manage The Writing.
          Maybe you plan to utilize some other professionals in your business to write a few of the posts. An editorial calendar can help all team members see who is working on which topics and when content is due. It can help to keep things from falling into the cracks.
          • Keep A Consistent Schedule.
            Consistency is more important than frequency in successful blogging. If you only have time to post one piece of new content a month – that can be ok. But plan to get it posted regularly every month so your web visitors know what to expect and look forward to.
            • If you need help developing an Editorial Calendar that will work for your business, and have it be something that can be managed, contact us. We can help you to sort through the mechanics and come up with a workable plan.

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