Facebook Business Page Link On Profile

Once you have a Facebook Business Page you need to link it up to your Facebook personal page. (Even if you have a job working for a large employer and do not have your own Business Fan page you will want to read how to do this, so your personal profile links your employer as your job.)

(Note – Facebook is in the habit of moving things about — if they have made a change in their structure since we wrote this blog — we apologize).

How to add your Facebook Fan Page as your Employer:

  1. Click Edit Profile > then go to the Education and Work section.
  2. Begin typing the name of your fan page in the Employer field.
  3. If you see your fan page in the drop down menu, select it.
  4. Then fill out the remaining fields (Position, City/Town, Description and Time Period). Note – If you also add in any business partners/colleagues, this will show on their profile too under the Employer section.
  5. Click Add Job.
  6. You can also add Project(s) to any position and add business partners/colleagues (again, this shows on their Employer section).
  7. There you go — now you are linked up.

If you have a business, not having a Facebook Business Page may be one of the biggest mistakes Facebook users make, other than using their Personal page for Business — which is a Facebook violation.

Need help in getting your Facebook page set up properly? Contact us for our help.

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