Does Google Think Your Website Is Mobile Friendly

Is your website ready for the April 21, 2015 Google mobile-friendly criteria? Beginning then, Google is basically saying that Google searches will rank websites higher that are look good and present well on mobile devices.  (Official Google post on this topic.)

Do you know if your site is mobile friendly or not?

Here is a link to the Google mobile testing page, where you can put in the URL of your website and see what Google has to say about if your site is mobile friendly or not.

What all this means for a website owner is that if your website is not considered by Google to be mobile-friendly then your website will not be ranked as well in the search engines. If you have a website that you depend on for your business, this will  start to have an effect on who can find you in order to do business with you.

If you need help in reviewing your website to determine what needs to be done for it to be as mobile friendly as possible, contact us. We can work with you to either re-do your existing website, or build a new website that will be mobile friendly by today’s Google standards.

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